Attention EMS/Healthcare

Effective immediately, QFT&T will give priority to orders from your industries. You need safe & secure availability of fuel. 24/7 We can provide the equipment, and assist in fuel purchasing to keep you operational.

Public Sector Agencies & Essential Businesses

We have special finance programs in place to get you the fueling equipment needed. Keep your equipment and operations fueled and ready.

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Covid-19 Message from our founder / ceo: 

Quality Fuel Trailer and Tank Inc., is deemed an Essential Business during the COVID-19 pandemic. We proudly serve both public and private sector entities with refuelers to keep heavy equipment, vehicles, generators, aircraft on duty.

Quality Fuel Trailer and Tank Inc. remains open and available to respond to your needs.  Our production facilities are operating close to normal, and we have TransFuelers, TransCubes, FuelCubes, ACV tanks, and stationary UL142 tanks available immediately, or on short notice (type and size depending). 

To ensure our customers are meeting their fueling needs, we have expedited all fuel tank orders as it relates to emergency response and are providing simple, quick financing to save on capital funds to better deal with the COVID-19 crisis.
Our staff remains committed to operating in a responsible and safe manner as prescribed by health officials, in accordance with established guidelines. As Americans, we are confident that our nation will get through this horrible time and work together on a strong recovery.  Stay safe & well,Ed DunnFounder & CEOQuality Fuel Trailer and Tank Inc.