Aviation Quality Fuel Trailer & Tank

Nothing is easy when owning an aircraft.

Luckily, our mobile aviation refuelers help keep your aircraft fueled when you need it, and keeps costs down. There are many different situations in which your aircraft is being housed, but almost all of them could use a thousand gallons of fuel or more housed on site, and even better, on wheels. All of our tanks come with our patent pending aviation grade dispensing packages, with stainless steel components. The only true aviation grade-dispensing package on earth.

Standard Features
Aviation Dispensing Equipment: Patent Pending
Trailer Features
Standard Features
  • Superior Engineering. Designed to tow safely full, or empty
  • DOT 406 Certified
  • Baffled Tank
  • Manway with Vented Dome Cover
  • Tanks Available in 250-2,500 gallon Capacity
  • Powder coat finish, in a wide choice of colors
  • Internal Valve with Emergency Release & Cable Operator
  • Top Quality Components: GPI, Fill-Rite, Dixon, Hannay, Reelcraft, Betts, etc…
  • Includes a special vent, required on gasoline tanks as a safety feature
Aviation Dispensing Equipment: Patent Pending
  • GPI (Brand) 12V, 25 Gallon per Minute Pump system, with meter and fuel gauge.
  • 12V deep-cycle batter with a multi-stage charger
  • 25 foot UL certified hose with 1 inch diameter
  • Spring rewind reel
  • Facet VF series, aviation grade filter system
  • 50’ static grounding cable
  • OPW Aviation rated automatic nozzle.

Trailer Features
  • Super-Duty Steel Chassis
  • Steel Fenders & Diamond-Plate Decking
  • Tandem Axle
  • Electric Brakes with Safety Breakaway System
  • LED DOT Lighting, with Steel Guards
  • Adjustable Ball Hitch
  • Heavy-Duty Tongue Jack
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • "Fuel Cart" style Available with Pintle Hitch

Popular Aviation Refuelers

TransFueler 1,000 Aviation



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  • 1,000 gallon Carbon steel tank
  • Aviation Dispensing Equipment
  • Heavy-Duty Trailer