About Quality Fuel Trailer & Tank

Quality Fuel Trailers was founded in 2009 as a distributor of mobile fueling systems.

Established 2007 as Advanced Fuel Systems. AFS continues as a distributor of above ground fuel storage tank systems and fuel management systems.

In 2010, Quality Fuel Trailer and Tank Inc. was incorporated. We continue to grow, increasing sales every year since 2007. With our own TransFueler brand, along with a variety of stationary fuel tank systems, fuel management systems, and select other mobile fueling products, we offer the largest selection in the country. Our patent-pending TransFueler M-Series is just one example of our innovative spirit.   TransFuelers are Made In America

Our Specialties

  • TransFueler mobile fuel trailers. Made in America
  • TransFueler Aviation aircraft refueling systems. Trailers, Stationary & M-Series for avgas & jet fuels. Made in America
  • TransFueler M-Series modular fueling systems
  • TransFueler AST Above ground stationary fuel storage & dispensing tanks & systems
  • TransFueler DOT-406 fuel trailers, for all fuels & highly sensitive environments
  • DyMac ACV Tanks, Authorized Distributor for Dymac Global
  • TransCube & FuelCube mobile fueling systems, authorized distributor for Western Global
  • Fuel management systems to control dispensing and track fuel usage

Our Customers

We serve a very broad market.  Our customers range from individual owners, small business, municipalities, county & state agencies, up to Fortune 500 firms and the federal government.  Our customers recognize the immediate cost savings realized by storing and pumping their fuel, at their convenience, in almost any location.

Why Choose TransFueler

  • Save money by buying fuel in bulk.
  • Save money by refueling vehicles, equipment, generators & aircraft at your convenience.
  • Save money by refueling at your site, no need to waste employees time going to the gas station.
  • Made in America
  • Save money by reducing expensive fuel truck deliveries, typically $75/up per delivery!
  • Widest selection of mobile & stationary fuel storage & dispensing systems in the world.
  • Top quality design & construction

Dealer Inquiries

Interested in becoming a TransFueler dealer?
Contact us today to discuss the possibilities. 425-526-7566 Ext. 7012