How to Keep Your Helicopter Fueled in Tough Situations

Refuelers are our thing. For over 15 years, we continue to have the largest array of choices in the industry.  Contact us to discuss how a TransFueler Aviation refueler can help you.

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Refuelers for helicopters are among the most popular products we offer.   In use throughout the nation, and  beyond, TransFuelers keep helicopter operators fueled and ready around the clock, every day. This is because a mobile (or stationary) refueler saves considerable time & money, and adds significant flexibility to any helicopter operation.
Some examples:  Military
  • The United States Marines, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard all use TransFuelers to support helicopter operations both on and off bases.  Locations that do not regularly support helicopters, can have a fuel supply available at all times. In use around the world.
  • The Republic of Korea has TransFuelers aboard two aircraft carriers to refuel piston powered helicopters that can’t use the jet fuel onboard the ships.
  • The Canadian Navy has TransFuelers in remote stations to service helicopters working in the region.
Commercial Medical Transport
  • Air Ambulance / Medical Evacuation Transport.  The largest “life flight” organizations in the world use TransFueler Aviation units to keep mission-readiness at all times. These companies need to be ready to launch, at a moment’s notice.
  • Time spent waiting for a fuel truck to arrive and fill them up, is serious time lost.  They also are saving enormous amounts of money with their TransFuelers.
  • Many air ambulance helicopters are based at hospitals, not at airports. You’ve probably seen them     standing by at a hospital, awaiting the next call out. In this case, they have to fly to the local airport to refuel, wasting quite a bit of time & money.
A financial analysis study by the largest helicopter operator in the country  calculated that a single TransFueler in one hospital-based location would save them over $72,000 per year in direct costs. $72,000 every year, and that was in 2019 dollars…     
Fire, Rescue & Law Enforcement
  • Many, many fire departments and police departments are using TransFuelers to support air operations. Our refuelers are widely used in off-airport operations, something the fire & rescue agencies strongly rely on. Another example of when you need fuel, you need it. Regardless of time or location.
Having the ability to refuel in the field greatly increases the range and efficiency of these emergency service providers.  Instead of abandoning the search, rescue or fire fighting, and flying to an airport to refuel, the pilots can simply land on site, refuel in minutes, and be back in the air.
Survey, Forestry & Construction
  • Aerial survey, pipeline & powerline patrol are typically done via helicopter. Again, having the ability to stay in the field, instead of flying to an airport to refuel repeatedly, highly increases the efficiency of these operations.  The more remote the location, the more you save.
  • Construction is another industry reliant on helicopters.  Remote locations building and maintaining electric power line towers, lifting equipment to the top of tall buildings, moving personnel and supplies quickly. All important duties that are time and effort intensive.
  • The forestry industry requires moving people and tools around large areas of land in a timely manner. No airport fuel stations in remote forests, so a TransFueler keeps them fueled & flying.
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