Aviation Refuelers: Tanks

We build about half of our TransFuelers as mobile aviation refuelers. Over the years, we’ve continuously improved our products to remain the industry leader.

Among the most important aspects of these units, is of course the tank itself.

As the core component, there are many decisions to be made when buying a refueling tank.

Tank Types:

Non-Code tanks are designed to safely hold and carry fuels on smaller airports and private property. They are relatively basic, similar to a diesel tank. No roll-over protection. No internal safety shut-off valve, etc.  Typically used for jet fuels, they are also used for AvGas in limited situations. The least expensive & simplest to maintain.

Non-code tanks can be either single-wall or double-wall, and made of steel or stainless steel. We strongly recommend stainless steel as mild (carbon) steel is subject to corrosion inside the tank. An epoxy lining can reduce corrosion, but has not been proven to hold up long term.

Corry-Lawrence Airport, Pennsylvania

UN31A/Y/ tanks are engineered to be robust & stout. An excellent choice for all aviation fuels, these tanks are legal for both AvGas & jet fuels, virtually anywhere in the world. UN31 tanks are not just “double-wall”, they are fundamentally a tank within a tank. The inner tank is removable for cleaning, and they have a large opening hatch to inspect the inside of the tank as well. In most cases, these tanks are designed with an enclosed area to hold dispensing equipment, keeping it all safe & secure.

Our ACV series UN31 tanks are also available with a stainless steel inner tank.  Virtually corrosion free, this further insures clean, pure fuel.  Combined with our exclusive & patent-pending aviation dispensing system, these make an ideal aviation refueler. These tanks cost between a Non-Code tank, and a DOT 406 tank.

AceCube Versatile

DOT 406 tanks are very similar to the large tanker trucks you see on the highway. Built to basically the same specifications, these are also safe & legal to transport and store all aviation fuels. Available is steel or stainless steel (and in some cases aluminum) single-wall is typical for DOT406 tanks.

We can provide DOT 406 tanks, on a limited basis because these tanks are rather expensive, and have a long lead time.  As with all refuelers, DOT 406 tanks are available with our aviation dispensing system, and with or without a TransFueler chassis.

City of Fontana Police Aero Division

How do you choose the right tank for your TransFueler?

This depends on several factors, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Type of fuel used.
  • Size and classification of airport.
  • Budget.
  • On site or transport use.
  • Laws, rules & regulations specific to your location.

Our objective is to offer a variety of solutions, and help guide you to the best system for your needs.   Please feel free to contact our team to discuss your particular needs.

We promise not to “sell” you anything. We do promise to advise you of the best fit for your specific application.

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