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Archive for October 2019

Cost Analysis: TransFueler Aviation

Cost Analysis: TransFueler Aviation We’ve always known that a TransFueler will save money quite effectively for aircraft operators. Now, we have actual financial analysis results to share. This study was done by a good customer, one of the largest helicopter operators in the world. They operate about 400 jet helicopters in a variety of roles,…

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Winter Is Coming.

Winter, as we all know, will soon be bringing dark & stormy weather. The southern region of the country is still recovering from a very active hurricane season.  Huge areas were knocked out of power for days.  Following the tragic heat caused death of several patients of a Florida nursing home, the Florida legislature enacted…

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Jet Fuel Guidelines

Jet Fuel Guidelines One of the most critical aspects of operating an aviation fleet is to ensure that all aspects of your fueling operations are compliant with applicable industry and regulatory safety standards. Two important references for aviation fueling professionals are NFPA 407 “Standard for Aircraft Fuel Servicing” and ATA Specification No.103. NFPA 407 is…

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TransFueler UAV (Drone) Refueler

Very cool TransFueler Aviation refueler custom built for a major aerospace company. TransFueler Aviation Jet Refueler This will be used for flight testing of UAV’s: Unmanned Air Vehicles. AKA: Drones…   Custom designed for this unique application, this TransFueler features a stainless steel tank on removable platform. This allows for it to be removed from…

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Aviation Refuelers: Tanks

We build about half of our TransFuelers as mobile aviation refuelers. Over the years, we’ve continuously improved our products to remain the industry leader. Among the most important aspects of these units, is of course the tank itself. As the core component, there are many decisions to be made when buying a refueling tank. Tank…

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