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Quality Fuel Trailer and Tank was founded on the premise of offering our customers the largest selection of choices in the small-medium fueling industry.

Our competitors offer one or two choices, we offer over a dozen excellent choices. 
Why? We all have different needs & situations. While the competition forces you to adapt to their limited offerings, we almost always have the right fit for your specific needs. If we don’t have the refueling system you need, we won’t try to sell you one that’s not the best fit.

And now, we add to our selection; the DyMac lines of fuel tanks.  DyMac is a British company in the business of high quality fuel storage & transport tanks.  We welcome them to the QFT&T family of superior products.  DyMac primarily manufactures steel & stainless steel tanks for diesel, gas & jet fuels. These tanks are legal for all of these fuels, virtually anywhere in the world.

AceCube Versatile
We’re now offering the AceCube Versatile series (ACV) and the FuelTainer Versatile series.
These tanks are all UL rated, and the AceCube Versatile series is also UN31A/Y rated. This allows for storage & transport of gas, jet fuels & diesel virtually anywhere.
ACV tanks are available in sizes from 119 gallons up to 2600 gallons, movable whether full or empty.
AceCube Versatile on Trailer

FuelTainer tanks are available from 3100 gallons, up to 18,000+ gallons. FuelTainer tanks are intended to be on-site fueling stations, easily moved to different locations when empty.  All dispensing equipment is safe & secure in the standard locking area.

FuelTainer FTV-30900L

Our unique relationship with DyMac allows for us to outfit these very versatile tanks with a wide variety of QFT&T TransFueler features.

Available choices:

  • Custom engineered trailer. Designed and built by us. Engineered to tow well whether full or empty.  Fully DOT legal in all states.
  • Dispensing systems. Our wide variety of pumps, meters, hoses, fuel management systems. Top brands: GPI, Hannay, Fill-Rite, Dixon Pump, Piusi, Reelcraft, etc… Everything needed for your application.
  • TransFueler Aviation system. Our exclusive & patent-pending aviation dispensing system. Fully integrated to fuel jet or piston aircraft anytime, anywhere. In use worldwide…
  • Custom Options. With the widest selection of additional options, the choices are virtually unlimited. We can configure your ACV or FuelTainer exactly how you need it.

No compromise. No settling for less. Contact us now to discuss the BEST fit for you.

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