Construction: How a TransFueler Will Save You Money.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Construction: How a TransFueler Will Save You Money.

Construction, particularly commercial, industrial & infrastructure sectors are capital intensive businesses.

If you’re involved in one of these type of companies, you’re well aware of the cost of the heavy equipment, generators & vehicles required to keep your projects moving. Many of the industry’s largest builders are using TransFueler mobile refuelers to keep their equipment fueled.

Cost Factors: 

  • Downtime.  When your equipment & personnel are waiting for a fuel truck to arrive, you’re losing productivity. Are you able to schedule fuel truck deliveries to match when your equipment will actually need fuel? How much does every minute of non-productivity cost?
  • Fuel truck trip charges. How much does it cost each time a fuel truck visits your job site? By storing fuel on-site, you require far fewer fuel truck deliveries.  Typically, these savings alone can pay for a single TransFueler in a matter of months.
  • Bulk purchasing. Buying hundreds or thousands of gallons of fuel at a time can be substantially cheaper than individual fill-ups. Let us help you negotiate fuel rates with your suppliers.
  • Flexibility. Fuel your equipment 24/7.  Easily move your TransFueler around your job site for maximum efficiency. Take it to your other job sites to refuel equipment there as well.  Your TransFueler keeps your equipment, generators, light towers & vehicles working.
The old way: high cost & inefficient:
The highly efficient TransFueler way: 
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