TransFueler in China

We are very pleased to announce that TransFueler has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Tallamond Inc.

On April 26, 2018 Quality Fuel Trailer and Tank’s president, Edward Dunn, and Tallamond’s CEO; Winston Lee, signed a three year contract to sell TransFuelers in the People’s Republic of China.

TransFueler, by Quality Fuel Trailer and Tank, Inc., is an industry leader in mobile fuel trailers and refueling equipment. Tallamond Inc. is a significant dealer of aerospace equipment and parts in China.

TransFueler refueling equipment will now be sold throughout China by Tallamond’s eight locations. Tallamond’s extensive network of business relationships in China will bring substantial opportunities of growth for both companies.

TransFueler is no stranger to China. Several TransFueler jet refuelers are already in service there. Both Cessna Aircraft and Hiller Helicopter operate aircraft manufacturing facilities in China. Both use TransFuelers to fuel and test new aircraft before delivery. In the United States, almost all major aircraft manufacturers use TransFuelers at their production plants.

Initially, Tallamond will focus marketing & sales efforts in the commercial and general aviation markets. The People’s Republic of China is in the beginning stages of a multi-billion general aviation expansion program. Hundreds of new airports are planned, or in construction.

Tallamond will also be selling to the construction sector. Fueling heavy equipment & generators is a key TransFueler market. Every airport project will need thousands of gallons of fuel for the associated construction equipment. Rather than buying a large fuel truck, a TransFueler accomplishes the same job at a third of the cost, or less.

China is a magnificent country; growing rapidly, and on the verge of massive opportunity. As a proud American company, we are very excited by this opportunity to provide the Chinese market with top quality equipment.

We believe that the Chinese will be equally interested in procuring superb American made products.

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