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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

As TransFueler mobile refueling systems become more and more popular, we’re seeing more imitations pop up.

We recently were made aware of a “competitor” in the southeast, who is trying to sell what are fundamentally; the classic “cheap imitations”. This company is advertising fuel trailers that appear on the surface, to be a less expensive alternative. This is a good example of: “You get what you pay for…”

These cheaper refuelers are built with flimsy frames, smaller wheels & tires, and a lesser range of both standard features and options than a genuine TransFueler. Some of their models don’t even come with brakes as standard equipment, which is not only a no-brainer safety item, but also a legally required feature to transport fuel.

This other company even equips their “aviation” models with a pump that is NOT approved for fueling aircraft, in fact; the pump manufacturer specifically states not to fuel aircraft with their pumps. It’s not only the details that count, it’s also the major components.

We tend to not pay a great deal of attention to these type of competitors. They usually pop up, try to sell some refuelers, and then fade away as they discover that building a quality fuel trailer isn’t done cheaply. The vast bulk of our customers recognize the significant differences between our TransFuelers, and the other units.

If you’re interested in a refueler, and are more concerned with low price over good quality; TransFueler is probably not for you. If you’re looking for a high quality refueler, in design, construction and longevity; TransFueler is a very solid value.

Contact us for more information on the industry’s best value in refuelers. Our extensive list of highly satisfied customers is our best referral.

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