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Effective immediately, QFT&T will give priority to orders from your industries. You need safe & secure availability of fuel. 24/7 We can provide the equipment, and assist in fuel purchasing to keep you operational.


We have special finance programs in place to get you the fueling equipment needed. Keep your equipment and operations fueled and ready.


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TransFueler Aviation

America's premier aviation refueler. In use with most major aircraft operators & manufacturers. Whether you fly helicopters or fixed wing, jet turbine or piston, there's a TransFueler Aviation refueler for you.

Featuring our exclusive, patent-pending aviation dispensing system. These are the mobile fuel trailers (and skids!) designed to serve you needs efficiently. Excellent value & built to last.

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UN31A/UL142 Certified

CV Ace Cube Versatile tanks. 119-2600 gallons.

Fuel Pod integrated refueling systems. 650 - 5800 gallons

FuelTainer ISO Fueling Systems from 3000-20,000 gallons

UN31A/UL142 Certified

These tanks are double-walled, offering 110% containment and carry UL, UN and DOT approvals for jet fuels, gasoline & diesel.

A superb alternative to the traditional & expensive DOT406 tanks. Pair this with our exclusive TransFueler Aviation system, and you've got the most cost-effective aircraft refuelers available.

All of these tanks are available with our custom engineered TransFueler trailer chassis. Designed to tow easily and safely, whether full or empty, TransFueler trailers are in use world wide.

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The Original TransFueler... Exceptional value on the finest mobile fueling products.  TransFueler: Our original model. In use worldwide, fueling